The Baluchistan provincial launch (March 11, 2019) of Umeed Say Aagay led by HDF and technically facilitated and owned by Planning & Development Department of Government of Baluchistan. The event was very well attended by an extremely diverse audience of senior politicians, government officials from Planning & Development Department, Directorate of Health & Integrated Reproductive Mother, Newborn & Child Health (IRMNCH), Provincial SUN Secretariat, Departments of Education, Forestry and Agriculture actively participated along with senior representatives of UN agencies, CSOs, academia and media. The Quetta launch led to HDF strengthening linkages with all relevant line departments at the provincial level and avail opportunities of working together with the government.

“Chief Health Planning and Development Department, Mr. Mohammad Qasim assured every help to collaborate with HDF in taking the campaign to scale.



A National Level Awareness Raising Campaign Promoting Mother and Child Wellness in the First Thousand Days and Beyond by HDF In collaboration with Nutrition International / SUNCSA and Nutrition Section / SUN Secretariat, Ministry of Planning Development and Reform.


Aligned with Pakistan Vision 2025 (Pillar I & IV) and Sustainable Development Goals, a country wide awareness campaign, “Umeed Say Aagay “has been designed by HDF with following goal:
To foster a healthy community where everyone is optimally nourished and where no mother or child dies, due to any preventable cause especially malnutrition”.



To facilitate mass awareness in Pakistan about the importance of required healthy nutrition for mother and child wellness in the first 1000 days and beyond through youth led social movement.

Capacity building of front line health workers on the concept of 1000 days incorporating Respectful Maternity Care (RMC) before, during and after childbirth as basic human right.

To advocate low-cost, replicable and technology enabled program models for the sustainable wellbeing of mothers and children.

To facilitate and strengthen cross-sector collaboration amongst wide range of critical stakeholders to bring an end to malnutrition in all its forms through desired changes in policies, systems and practices.

Enhanced investment and optimal utilization of budgets on nutrition sensitive programing.

The most critical objective of the campaign is embedded in its
Call to Action” for saving lives.

Nutrition-related factors contribute to about 45% of deaths in children under 5 years of age.

The economic consequences of malnutrition including lost laborers, healthcare expenses and lower productivity cost Pakistan US$7.6 billion, or 3 percent of GDP, every year.

“Over 400,000 mothers and children under the age of five (5), die of preventable causes every year in Pakistan and over 175,000 of these deaths are related to malnutrition.”

"Fortunately, close to 90% of the deaths are preventable in Pakistan."


The prime approach of the campaign entails both bottom up and top down strategies.

HDF envisages three-pronged strategy (3 critical pillars) for this campaign to engage and influence the partner communities, all critical stakeholders and actors to facilitate positive change in beliefs, behaviors, knowledge, skills, capacities, systems, policies and practices.

Pillar – I

Change at Personal & Household Level
Pillar – II

Change at Communal/Social Level
Pillar – III

Change at the Policy & Practice Levels

HDF has successfully reduced the IMR, CMR & MMR to less than 50% of the countrywide rates.

Human Development Foundation (HDF), through this campaign, calls for an urgent action both at individual and collective levels to raise mass awareness about the alarming implications of malnutrition and the benefits of good nutrition and care practices. The campaign is not a standalone initiative or a one-off activity; due to consistent efforts, HDF has positioned itself to scale up successes of its proven and highly cost-effective model of Mother and Child Wellness Program.

Through Umeed Say Aagay campaign, HDF is complementing the initiatives and ongoing efforts of the government and other partners (local to global) who are specifically focusing on promoting right nutrition in the First 1000 Days of mother and child to strengthen the foundation that lasts newborn’s entire lives. This is the most critical window that shapes their bodies and develop brains allowing them to do better in schools, take control of their lives and avail the choices and opportunities to have higher earnings and develop their own life trajectory.


HDF is partnering with relevant stakeholders to multiply efforts and maximize their impact.

Under the strategic leadership of Ministry of Planning Development and Reform and following a high collaborative approach, HDF is partnering with relevant stakeholders to multiply efforts and maximize their impact. Being one of the core members of Pakistan SUN Movement and part of Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Alliance (SUN-CSA), HDF will be extended support by over 200-member organization of this alliance located across Pakistan. The SUN secretariat will share IEC material, covering 1000 days, from the existing pool for disseminated though HDF.

HDF will not only be capitalizing upon the existing social capital developed by its partner communities but also optimize the current and emerging partnerships with multi-stakeholder forums and SUN networks, media, academic institutes and youth networks. The district level relevant government departments and community based organizations will also be brought fully onboard and engaged.

Roles and Core Responsibilities of the Partners


The life of the newborn is in our hands…

And the Clock is Ticking!!

Each passing moment, a newborn is dying…
a family is losing hope or mourning a lost child…

Fortunately, the lives of the newborn can be saved as these deaths are preventable

So, it’s time to take urgent action

Let us join hands to save 400,000 lives

and call on the government and other stakeholders to enable a future where

“No mother or child dies due to any preventable cause especially malnutrition in the First 1000 Days and beyond”.

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I am joining the movement
    to save 400,000 lives.

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